Bes-Golf-ClubAntique golf clubs are still considered collectible items primarily for the reason that these embody the charisma and mood of the Victorian era which is basically summed up as romantic. Today, these vintage items are displayed anywhere just like decorative pieces because these are compatible with just about everything. It is also crucial to properly restore historic clubs so that these are preserved for the future generation.

The step-by-step procedure on restoring antique clubs is discussed below.

The first step is to carefully examine the best golf clubs. This way, a golfer will find out whether or not the clubs are worth restoring. More often than not, clubs can be located either in a garage sale or in an estate sale. The worst thing about this is that most clubs are found in horrible conditions. Most have tarnished and perished metal parts, torn leather grips and layers covered with either paint or oil. Clubs that are still in good condition should be kept aside. Collectors have mentioned that clubs with hickory shafts have the most potential for restoring and reselling.

The next step is to cautiously clean the clubs –

A clean cloth soaked in a solution created by mixing mild soap and water can be used. Sometimes a simple cleaning is all that is needed for clubs. People who collect old-fashioned golf equipment believe that there are some items that do not need to be restored at all while there are also some that can be restored with just minimal changes. Most of these collectors believe that some things such as age, the patina and damage should never be disturbed. Anyone who is collecting clubs for the first time can consult either an antique dealer or a collector.

A fine abrasive carborundum paper can be used to get rid of corrosion and rust on the metal parts. A collector must be very careful and is advised to take his time in completing the task. Removing small amounts at a time can avoid damaging the original finish of the golf clubs.


The metal parts are then waxed and polished after removing rust and corrosion. If there are missing metal screws, these should be replaced with similar ones. Dents that damage the physical appearance of the clubs should also be removed and the metal parts should be tightened.

There are some antique clubs with newer parts during earlier restorations. A collector is then advised to get rid of these parts and replace them with vintage parts.

Some parts of the best golf clubs may have been badly deteriorated that a collector will have no other option but to replace an entire part. In these cases, a major restoration is needed. This should be recorded because it can have a great effect on future sale.

Leather grips, if needed, should also be replaced –

It is best to find a type of leather that is closest to the original one. If there is no need to replace the leather, the best thing to do is to recolor worn and scuffed leather.

Golf clubs with broken wood shafts can simply be bonded to the original place. A collector should be very careful in hiding the glue because it may have an effect on the overall appearance. Both the club heads and the wood shafts should be carefully cleaned making sure that the original varnish is not eradicated.

Golf ClubsThe last thing that should be done after cleaning a golf club is to wax the wood. This action basically brings back both the original color and glow of the golf club.There is actually a simple rule when it comes to restoring a golf club. According to many, the older the golf club definitely means the lesser the amount of restoration needed.

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