motivational speaker For years, we, at Motivational-Speaker-Success, have been sharing the secrets that make up a good motivational speaker. Many have already succeeded in their own niche while some are still looking for a field that they can excel at. Unfortunately, some refuse to adapt and improve simply because they worship what they know and take many things for granted.

Could you be one of the motivational speakers who confine themselves in a stockpile of knowledge that has long been left out by time? We, at motivational-speaker-success urge you to look at motivational speaking from a bigger perspective and are one step closer to success.

1. Exposure to agencies.

Really good speakers can find fame just by banking on word of mouth. That is a fact. However, would you really want to leave your future to odds if you can take a more drastic and active measure to cinch your success?
A lot of motivational speakers focus too much on the speaking engagement that they forget to consider inviting big agencies or famous agents to their event. Why do we think this is important?

Big events are effective ways of showing how well you handle large crowds and how influential you are. They are also great venues for the agents to see how the audience responds to you. Everything that they will see in the event will matter in their decision to sign you up and market you. That is basically how many famous speakers end up in TV shows and magazines.

2. Networking minutes.

A speaking engagement is never just about the speech, the sponsor, the audience, and yourself. It is also about the big opportunities to build a network, which is why most events nowadays allot one or two networking breaks to give people a chance to talk with each other, exchange business cards, and close an agreement.
Naturally, you, as the speaker, will be the center of attraction. Use your advantage smartly by picking the right people to mingle with. You would want to socialize with publishers, editors, media personalities, PR professionals, social media personalities, and other speakers even just for 15 minutes. Prior to the event, you should have already researched who the possible VIP guests are. Ask the sponsors and organizers for the details because they normally invite their own guests. Also, be familiar with the names and faces of the people who matter in your profession. You’ll never know when they may be sitting in one of your events.

3. Authorship opportunities.

A motivational speech is not just a speech. It is a potential chapter for a book or a contribution to a prominent magazine or newspaper. Trust us as we have seen a lot of success stories here at motivational-speaker-success. Do not let your speech go to waste after delivering it in an event. Submit it to publishers and newspaper offices alongside the photos and full details of the event, including the number of attendees, the names of the organizers and sponsors if any, the venue, and the structure of the entire presentation.

Book publishers are in constant search for authors that they can sell (and earn from) while newspapers are always looking for contributors to fill in some spaces. You will never know how far your speech may reach unless you try to sell it.

4. Webcast.

motivational speakersMany established motivational speakers offer webinars in their websites. This is a good strategy to reach audiences in the most convenient means. Surprisingly though, webcasting an event is still less common than webinars because of the amount of time and resources needed to successfully do one. You need more technical and IT staff to facilitate such live broadcasting across the web. You probably need some sort of special set-up with a server and other third-party cloud-service companies. Everything has to be preplanned and scripted, from the blocking to the camera shots.

Webcasting is risky and potentially draining. However, it is also potentially lucrative, and we are talking about big money here. Imagine how much you can earn from selling unlimited virtual tickets to potential audiences from the four corners of the world. The revenue may be enormous!
If this is a strategy that you are financially incapable of doing, you can look for sponsors, which you will be giving advertising rights to.
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